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Profile Picture - Thomas Heising

Thomas Heising aka. Beocht Images has worked professionally with online video and digital graphics since 2008. This has involved sitting in an agency as a video generalist and eventually as a graphics artist specialising in telling stories through digital imagery.

At the core of all pretty imagery, there needs to be meaning, values, a story and an intended user experience. This is something he strives for when designing, creating, layouting, editing and exporting his work. Therefore, he also tells his clients to get him on board early on their projects. Thomas helps conceptualise how to communicate message, preserving purpose in between the visuals and humanity.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, he is currently and delightfully situated in Cork City, Ireland. He loves creating stuff that is not possible to capture in real life, making the impressive and surreal a possibility.

So while you are wondering how a Visual Content Creator can help your business or project, check out the Work section to get an overview, shoot Thomas an email or give him a phone call.

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