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I conceptualise, plan and create moving graphics for businesses who need to express themselves digitally. I don’t just create, I also talk about animation; why it helps and how it can help.

So why animation?
A business might use animation as a part of their branding strategy to establish or present themselves in a visually pleasing, intuitive or strong way. I help businesses with that, but I also approach animation as a tool of communication or instruction – whether your purposes are educational, informational or advertising.
In E-learning, animated graphics are used to explain abstract or complex concepts and to expand on other forms of learning via understandings of modern pedagogy. In communication, animated elements or campaigns can get a message across in a quick and easy way or envoke specific emotions for a viewer. While in visualisation, animation is used to engage audiences with a topic and to inspire them to learn more about it.
Does your business need animation?
Depends on what you want to achieve? There are numerous of content and landing pages suggesting that online video and animation will help engage your audience and attract followers on your social media. But admittedly, a lot of content is deemed disposable, so it takes that bit extra to make an impact with today’s audiences. We feel that we have seen it all.
So, that is not always a given, and it might not fit with your intentions and the message you want out. In the end, I will always say that a well-written empathetic text-based copy can get you further than a beautifully rendered video with cute characters. This is especially true when it comes to social media. Cute animation will not necessarily make you go viral.
What do I do?
Specifically, I produce original 2D and 3D-animated elements and sequences for websites, social media, instructional video and presentations serving to tell stories, inform, engage and inspire intended viewers. One week, it is a full explainer video for a company, in another, it is a 15 seconds instructional animation explaining a simple concept.
What does animation do?
Broadly speaking, animation is everywhere. Everything around you is in motion. We understand and learn about our world through seeing movement. Animation in digital graphics describes the synthetic creation of digital images and elements which are then previewed in quick succession of each other. There are an increasing amount of ways to distribute and show animated imagery on today’s devices with VR and immersive platforms being growing industries.
Key to it all is understanding how to get in front of your audiences, and what you want them to feel or learn.
Why do you do animation?
Okay, the ‘why’ is the obvious one everyone is talking about, right? Well, simply put, I have manipulated and created pixels for a large variety of clients and on many different projects over the last 12 years. I enjoy it immensely, simply put. I have seen how clients have taken my work and achieved their goals with it, but I have also seen others achieve very little or nothing. As such, I try to be vocal about seeing what my clients want out of our collaboration, and what value they expect from my work.
This is especially true when working with instructional or educational material where there are key performance indicators the intended audiences are meant to achieve. 
What kind of animated products do you do?
  • Explainer videos – short 30-120 seconds animated clips with soundscapes which show what you and your business do.
  • E-Learning or Instructional content – longer animated pieces meant to support audio, additional video and graphics and imagery.
  • Animated illustrations – conceptualising and creating animated visuals meant to inspire or engage.
  • Visual communication – animation work to support marketers and video creatives in their campaigns and projects.
  • Intro animations for YouTube and company profiles – as part of people’s brand identities, they occasionally look for short intros to embed in their additional video work.
What now?
Have a look at my previous work and reach out for any questions. Talking is free, after all. 

What clients have said:

“Working with Thomas has been one of the best work relationships I have had. Thomas has a wealth of knowledge and experience in instructional animations and online course content creation. I came to Thomas with just an idea of creating online courses and he managed to bring that idea to life. He is extremely professional, quick and flexible to the needs of the customer. I would recommend Thomas highly to absolutely anybody – his services are of the highest quality and standard.”

– Nicole Ryan,
Managing Director, Alex’s Adventure

“We have partnered with Thomas on a several 2D and 3D animation projects and he has been a pleasure to collaborate with. His attention to detail, creativity and enthusiasm is second to none. Thomas has very high productivity and meets deadlines without a problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending Thomas as a freelance animator.”

– Daniel Fleming,
Managing Director, Aperture Media

“Versatile and immensely skilled, Thomas has been the first guy on our team in several creative projects for the past ten years. Quick on the job, regardless of deadline, he is determined to strive for satisfaction. No matter what innovative or cooperate graphic angle, animation or lifesaving editing, Thomas Heising always delivers. Highest recommendations.”

– Nicki Jensen,
former Art Director .kinth, former Chief of Production DSP (now Shoot Happens), currently Editor-in-chief

“Thomas has been able to conceptualise our brand in a remarkable way through animated videos and adjustments to logos and other branded materials to really make sure that our brand and services are coming to life. He has shown both initiative and perceptiveness to meet our needs in the best way possible. A true pleasure working with him!”

– Jennifer Jansson,
Country Manager at Worklife Barometer AB.

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